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5 Most Popular And Well Known Truffles

Black Winter Truffle - Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini

Winter truffles (scientific name: Tuber melanosporum vittadini) are also known as black winter truffle.

Black winter truffle is a black-brown with some purple and red hinges, they are the second most expensive after the white truffle with many people preferring this over the white because of its intense flavour and aroma.

Black Autumn Truffle - Uncinato 

Burgundy truffles (scientific name: (Uncinato) are also known as autumn or Campagne truffle.

Burgundy truffles are very similar to summer truffles with a dark a rought exterior, its name comes from its hook-like-shaped crests of its pores and can be found in Itally and France.

White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum Pico 

Winter truffles (scientific name: Tuber magnatum pico) is the most valuable truffle you can find it has a smooth and delicate taste and is knows for its aphrodisiac properties.  

Bianchetto White Truffle - Tuber borchii 

White truffle (scientific name: Tuber borchii) are also known as Bianchetto white truffles.

Bianchetto White Truffles are usually smaller than the more famous White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) and have a slightly different aroma. They have a strong and pungent smell, often described as a mix of garlic, cheese, and musk. The outer surface of the truffle is smooth and off-white or pale cream, while the interior is marbled with white and off-white veins.

Black Summer Truffle - Tuber Aestivum 

Black summer truffle (scientific name: Tuber aestivum) are also known as Burgundy truffles.

Summer Black Truffles have a milder aroma and flavor compared to other truffle varieties. They are often used in various culinary applications, such as shaving over pasta, risotto, or salads, and they can also be infused into oils or used to make truffle butter.